Tuesday, August 25, 2020

CYC 2020-21 - We're Singing!!!!

 Quick Summary: Due to the risk of COVID transmission that comes with singing, CYC will be online this year, likely with a few in-person outside non-singing rehearsals as well. Our theme for the year is: Songs and the Stories They Tell. We will keep the same time slots and registration will be done one term at a time.

Long version:

As you may be aware, the research is still showing that singing together in person is not safe. It is somewhat better to do so outside, but the choral associations are still not promoting that as a route for choirs to take.


Our CYC  team has spoken about our options and this is what we are feeling:
  • we all, kids especially, need to sing
  • kids likely won't have many or possibly even any singing opportunities in school
  • online choir does allow us to share a singing experience, albeit a different one than in-person
  • online choir does allow us to connect as a community of kids and families who love and value music, singing in particular
  • online choir keeps our choir alive and ready to return to in-person singing whenever we can
So, here's what we will offer:

"CYC 2020/21: Stories and Songs - an Exploration of Songs and the Stories They Tell"
  • we will focus on learning many new songs and providing support for the singers to sing these at home during the week
  • where possible, we will provide harmony or other 2-part options that families can explore
  • many of our songs will be canons (rounds)
  • we will invite the singers to have a significant input into the songs that we choose - we all have songs that are part of our personal or family stories!
  • we will learn about the stories and context behind the songs and dive into this in greater detail than we would normally allow time for
  • we will have guests to expand and deepen our experience. eg. Coco Love Alcorn (the singer and composer of "Ain't No Friend" that we had such fun during our last few Zoom rehearsals in the late spring); also hopefully an artist I just learned of who is doing sessions with kids's choirs, and more! The ideas are starting to brew and I know that you and your children will have many more.
  • Most of our costs remain the same when we are online.
  • Our plan for the year allows us to provide an engaging community musical experience 
  • We will retain a flexible outlook so that we can switch to in-person rehearsals should that become possible
  • Regular cost for the full year was $450. This year, will offer several price points to reflect the current reality of our choir and community. Please choose the one that works for your family. More details in the registration form. 
  • We will do registration one term at a time, recognizing that it is hard for anyone to plan too far in advance at the moment. 
Please jump right to the Join CYC page to register!