We have created this page as a quick go-to spot to find all of the information you need on a regular basis, while maintaining privacy and security for our members. The current year is first, but please feel free to scroll down to previous years for more wonderful songs :)

Fall Session September-December 2022

 Junior Choir

1. Hey Ungua: The lyrics are simply, "hey ungua"!

2. Banuwa (we are using this as a warm up, so a simpler version than this one): The lyrics are sumply "banuwa".

3. Looth Tooth : 

    The lyrics are here

Senior Choir:

1. The Lion Sleeps Tonight: We will be doing our own version, but here is another rendition!

2. Sto Mi E Milo: we've listened to all of these - very different and super interesting to see them!

Both Choirs:

The lyrics are here

2. My Favourite Things: (Dads, some of you will be needed for the lowest part!

Fall Session September-December 2020

The following is provided to help you and your child sing choir songs at home. Please sing to your heart's content, but also realize that there is no pressure or expectation that you will do so.

Our Songs So Far:

Straw Hat: 

Looth Tooth Song:

Joy Inside: A couple of options, quite different from one another!

Jambo (Hello Song):

Haida: and with Dance steps:

In the Morning: (slight variation, and not great for children's voices. Better version to come!)

You Gotta Sing:

Be the Change: sheet music (song #5)

All the Earth:

Mini Session May / June 2020
  • Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace) by Mozart: can be sung as a round once they learn the whole song, so please feel free to learn it too!  Here is a video that teaches it, and that you can sing along with (You Tube is amazing!). Here is another recording, with Choir and Orchestra.
  • Ain't No Friend by Coco Love Alcorn. We would have sung this song with Chris MacLean's choir in our workshop. Here is Coco's version. Here is a choir version that has a nice explanation of the lyrics in the chorus. Here are the lyrics. I like the messages in it a lot.
  • One singer mentioned that she had enjoyed the film The Biggest Little Farm This was in relation to the book we read: Lighthouse Seeds


Some quick notes about music, lyrics, videos and singing at home! 

  • There is absolutely no expectation or requirement that CYC members practice our songs at home in between rehearsals. 
  • However, if you and your child would like to sing our songs at home (which is awesome!), our goal is to make that easy for you to do. 
    • Senior Choir members also receive sheet music for many of their songs. Singers have the option to take this music home in between rehearsals, or to leave it with me. All music must be returned at the end of a session.
Videos of our repertoire - WINTER\SPRING 2020

Both Choirs

For Music Monday (and our own concert)

***you will need to enter the username "coalitioncanada" and the password "oscarpeterson95"

Al Shlosha and this one is good for singing along with:

For Workshop with Chris MacLean's choir (and our concert)

Connected (this song gives me goosebumps when I imagine singing it with singers from 6-86(or so!) years old😃

Peaceful River: (words may change slightly...)

Ain't No Friend: (audio only)

Seniors Only


Lyrics and Videos from Fall 2019

Junior Choir
This little light of mine

Senior Choir
Soldier Down


JUNIOR CHOIR videos to watch:

Uma Familia (in Portuguese! not Spanish - sorry everyone!)
Hello Bonjour

SENIOR CHOIR videos to watch:

Down by the Riverside:

Uma Familia (in Portuguese! not Spanish - sorry everyone!)

Practice times: Wednesday 4:15 - 5:15 for Juniors, 5:30 - 6:30 for Seniors. 

General Choir Calendar: