Saturday, January 2, 2016

A very special time was had by all...

Thank you to everyone who made "Sing Christmas" such a special event. 

1. to our singers who come together as a choir to work hard and with joy to learn the songs for our concerts. You always impress me with your enthusiasm, your willingness to "go for it" and try new things, and your commitment to our choir. I am lucky to get to work with you every week :-) 

2. to the parents, grandparents and siblings of some of our singers who joined us for a few rehearsals and then sang with us for some of our songs in the concert. It was great to have you!

3. to our new accompanist, Donna Burr, who brings both her wonderful skills at the piano, and also an enthusiasm and support for what we do in the Chelsea Youth Choir.

4. to our choir mentor, solfege tutor and apprentice accompanist, Emma Hunter, for helping in these many ways. 

5. to the singers' parents who do so much to support their children's singing experience.

6. to our audience who not only inspire us by listening to and enjoying our music, but also willingly singing along with us when we ask them to!

7. to the Grace United Church and Mill Road Community Space for continuing to make their beautiful building available to our community for concerts, rehearsals, receptions, parties, etc.

I am grateful to you all.