Support Our Choirs

Become a Friend of the Chelsea Youth Choir!
Help the Chelsea Youth Choir to continue to grow and to bring the gift of music to its
singers and their community.
You could help us by:
  1. Making a donation to our Music Library. $50 will buy the musical score for one of our pieces.
  2. Making a donation to our scholarship fund. Every year, this fund allows one or more children to join our choir on a full or partial scholarship.
  3. Sponsoring one of our performances by donating funds to cover hall rental, accompanist’s or conductor’s fees.
  4. Making a donation to help us pay for the rental for our rehearsal space.
  5. Making a general donation to be used by the choir where it is most needed.
  6. Offering your skills and talents to our choir in some way that we don’t even know about yet!
To become a supporter of the Chelsea Youth Choir, please contact us.