About Our Choir

Welcome to the
Chelsea Youth Choir (CYC), a joyful, community choir that brings together young singers from Chelsea, and the surrounding communities.

Our Approach:
Together, we sing, we learn about our voices, we learn about music....and so much more. Offering its members opportunities for mentoring, public speaking, shared cultural learnings, reflection and collaboration, CYC seeks to nurture the musical and personal growth of each singer. 

Our Structure 
Founded in 2011, CYC began as a small group of singers, ranging in age from 6-10 years, and quickly moved to two groups - the Junior Choir, aged approximately 6-9 years and the Senior Choir, aged 9 years and up.

Most members of the choir, and our conductor are bilingual. Our rehearsals are generally conducted in English, which has proven a great opportunity for some of our francophone members to improve their English. Translations, however, are always available when needed.

What is each Choir like?
The Junior Choir sings unison and two-part songs, with the support of several mentors from the Senior Choir. They learn by ear, and spend a part of each rehearsal playing musical games in which they learn without even realizing it! Though many parents comment that their child sings choir songs "all week long", there is no expectation that singers will practise at home. Singing in the Junior Choir is an excellent first musical experience for a child, or a perfect complementary experience to private music lessons. 

The Senior Choir continues with some unison songs, but spends much of its time learning songs in two and three parts. The singers learn partially by rote and partially by note reading. After singing with the Senior Choir for a few sessions, singers will be able to follow a choral score, and in many cases, read it quite comfortably. There is always a strong focus on the joy of singing together, and it is not unknown for singers to spontaneously sing choir songs for their classmates! Singers are welcome to take their music home with them to sing during the week, but again there is no requirement that they do so. 

The Junior and Senior Choirs come together on many occasions throughout the year both to rehearse "shared songs" - songs that both groups learn and sing together in concerts - and for special workshops and social gatherings.

To Learn More...
If you’re interested in singing with us, please get in touch 

Our Musical Team:

Stephanie Sewell – Founder and Music Director
Stephanie Sewell is the Founder and ongoing Music Director of the Chelsea Youth Choir (CYC). She founded the CYC in January 2011 as a way of blending three of her passions: music, children’s education and community.
Stephanie brings a special joy to her work with children. She has teaching experience in both school and homeschool settings, and has also taught piano and music theory. She is a very active contributor to children’s life in the community: in addition to her work with the CYC, she has made significant contributions to the Chelsea Toy Library, to the Gatineau Valley Homeschoolers, to Chelsea Community Days, and to the Chelsea Neighbourhood Parks Project.
Stephanie holds Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Ottawa.
Rosalind Pickett - Piano Accompanist 
Roz with her assistant Marta!

(bio to come...)